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Can technology really replace the human touch?

“Things are moving and evolving so fast in recruitment right now,” says Jo Caine, Director of Cathedral Appointments.  Caine, along with eight of the West Country’s leading recruiters, joined a recent totaljobs roundtable to debate the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in the region during this period of change. AI vs humans With 56% of employers saying that they lack access.
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Totaljobs roundtable: Perception and reality of the public sector

Totaljobs hosted a roundtable discussion for the public sector last month that identified some key issues that are hindering its growth. Part 1 of this roundtable report focused on the lack of leadership skills and the constraints on flexibility which are supressing ambition rather than encouraging it. This part is based on another key theme that frequently arose from the discussion:.
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Totaljobs roundtable: Leadership in the public sector

With pay freezes and job cuts damaging the image of the public sector, the civil service is in danger of losing appeal as a career path to new graduates and skilled professionals. At the recent Totaljobs roundtable event, the need to revamp the public sector image and its potential as an attractive career route was given priority during the debate, and.
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