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Interview advice: Understanding the interviewee

#TheElevatorPitchHiring managers and recruiters can conduct hundreds of interviews between having to go through the experience as a candidate themselves. So naturally, it’s easy to forget how it feels to sit on the other side of the table. Our latest TEI Report focuses on the problems facing interviewees, and uses totaljobs research to provide tips to help.
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Can technology really replace the human touch?

“Things are moving and evolving so fast in recruitment right now,” says Jo Caine, Director of Cathedral Appointments.  Caine, along with eight of the West Country’s leading recruiters, joined a recent totaljobs roundtable to debate the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in the region during this period of change. AI vs humans With 56% of employers saying that they lack access.
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Will new gender pay transparency rules catch employers by surprise?

6th April 2017 marks the beginning of new gender pay regulations, and our research shows that the changes could take employers by surprise. With the new regulations, individual companies will need to be transparent about any disparity in the average salaries earned by their male and female employees. But our research shows: 1 in 5 employers are unsure if salaries.
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